Significance Of The Number 108 | The Legend Behind It

Religions are often very closely connected to numbers in many ways. Numbers are important in many aspects, at times they are directly related to how we celebrate different festivals and in some cases how the religion practices, rituals revolve around… Continue Reading →

Panchakshara Mantra | It’s Significance & Benefits

Panchakshara Mantra Panchakshara Mantra emerged from a Hindu Stotra, Shri Rudram Chamakam, which is the second oldest of Vedic texts, the Yajurveda. The mantra hymn starts with the five sacred letters- ‘Na’- Nagendra (one who wears a garland of snakes),… Continue Reading →

Makar Sankranti 2021 | Significance, Rituals and Remedies

Makar Sankranti 2021 Makar Sankranti is believed to be the onset of spring in India. It is celebrated as Sun-God’s entry into the Northern Hemisphere. Following the solar calendar, Makar Sankranti falls on the same day every year. But, once… Continue Reading →

Vasant Panchami 2021 | Significance and Rituals

Vasant Panchami Vasant Panchami is a religious Hindu festival of Saraswati puja also called as Shree Panchami. The seasonal spring festival of Vasant Panchami is observed in many regions: the Basant Festival of Kites of the Punjab region; observance in… Continue Reading →

What Is Shivling | It’s Significance | Why We Worship It

What is Shivling, and Why we worship it Shivling or Shiva Linga, in the Hindu scripture of Shiv Purana has been described as beginning less and endless cosmic pillar of the fire, is originally the cause of all the causes…. Continue Reading →

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