Did You Know This About Hinduism?

Here are some Unknown Facts about Hinduism, that you probably didn’t know! Read further to know about them: Around 1 billion people follow Hinduism. That is about 14% of the world’s population. Nepal has the most number of people following… Continue Reading →

GST 2017: Predicting India’s Future

Starting 1st July, Goods and Services Tax (GST) Act will come into effect and is claimed to serve a long list of benefits by the Central Government. Modi government’s decision is said to be the biggest development in the economic… Continue Reading →

Do You Know The History Of Jagannath Temple ?

The History of Jagannath Temple, Puri  Eager to meet Lord Vishnu, his biggest devotee King Indradyumna of Avanti sent different Brahmans in search of an incarnation of the Lord named Nila Madhava, after someone told him about this human form… Continue Reading →

Steps To Perform Vrikshasana | Benefits Of This Yoga Posture

What Is Vrikshasana? The word Vrikshasana has been taken from the Sanskrit words vriksa or vriksha meaning “tree” and asana meaning “posture” indicating towards a yogic posture. It is pronounced as vrik-shah-sana. This posture replicates the graceful, steady stance of… Continue Reading →

9 Facts About Jagannath Rath Yatra You Didn’t Know

Things you didn’t know about Jagannath Rath Yatra Also known as the land of Lord Jagannath, Puri is located on the coast of Bay of Bengal and is 60 km far from the state capital Bhubaneswar. Jagannath Rath Yatra is… Continue Reading →

What if your Heart Lines don’t match? Find out how important they are for You!

Perfect Lines for Perfect Partner? Seeing our parents, all of us at some point or another have had this fantasy of a perfect wedding with this ideal life partner who will love and support us at every step in life…. Continue Reading →

धन प्राप्ति के उपाय | Article By Acharya Deepaa

जय कृष्ण   जय गुरूदेव धन प्राप्ति के उपाय 🔯धन प्राप्ति के सरल उपाय🔯   1. भगवती लक्ष्मी को नित्य प्रातः लाल पुष्प अर्पित करके दूध से बनी मिठाई का भोग लगाएं, धन लाभ होगा। 2. मंगल तथा शनिवार को… Continue Reading →

Rituals of Shani Jayanti | Shani Jayanti 2019 Date

Shani Jayanti 2019 Shani Jayanti is celebrated as the birth anniversary of Lord Shani. He is known to be the son of Lord Sun or the Suryadev. It is celebrated during the Amavasya Tithi in the month of Vaishakh. As… Continue Reading →

How To Set Up Puja Room At Home | Article By Dr Hemant Bhardwaj

Today we will share the information about how to set up Puja Room at Home Worship is mostly done in the houses of all the people in the morning and in the evening, but it should be known what the place… Continue Reading →

How To Pray | How To Build Temples And Idols

According to the Agni Purana, A person who builds temples is blessed. Even if one merely thinks of building temples, the sins of a hundred lives are forgiven. A builder of a single temple goes to heaven (svarga). A builder… Continue Reading →

वृक्ष ज्योतिष क्या है ? | What is Tree Astrology | Article by Dr Kanhaiya Gairola

वृक्ष ज्योतिष क्या है ? वृक्ष ज्योतिष क्या है, इस पृथ्वी प्रकृति की सभी अनोखी देनों में से एक है वृक्ष, पेड-पौधे | इनका हर प्रकार से सालभ है जीवित रूप में और मृत रूप में भी भागवत पुराण में… Continue Reading →

पूर्व दिशा के वास्तु दोष निवारण के उपाय | Article by Acharya Deepaa

जय कृष्ण जय गुरूदेव पूर्व दिशा के वास्तु दोष निवारण के उपाय *यदि भवन का पूर्व क्षेत्र कटा हो या उसमे कोई वास्तु दोष हो तो उस कटे हुए भाग पर एक बड़ा शीशा लगाएं। इससे भवन का पूर्व क्षेत्र… Continue Reading →

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